Relating Minecraft to real life

Atualizado: 15 de Ago de 2019

As parents, you might have wondered what your kids can get out of a Minecraft Summer Camp beyond “just playing games.” We invited Mr. Anthony to talk about how Full Sail Labs can help your kids design and build more meaningful, thought-out worlds.

Topics like the scale of the build, color palettes, and textures help students focus and improve their structure designs. At Full Sail Labs, we take the game to a whole new level (was that a pun?) by relating Minecraft to real life. Topics, such as surveying the land and planning layouts before building projects.

Instead of only focusing on the basics of building and designing, Minecraft students learn new concepts:

Build Battles: 5 minutes to build a 10 x 10 project within a theme separate from the main builds they’re working on. The kicker here is that the theme is not announced until seconds before the battle begins.

Boneyards: These are 30 minute ice-breaker discussions that help ease the kids back into their main projects after lunch. These discussions range in topics, but all focus on how Minecraft can relate to real-life. An example of one of these topics is Epic Builds, as described below.

Epic Builds: Some detailed projects can relate Minecraft to real world and fantasy locations. Some examples of epic builds include the Harry Potter universe and the recreation of the Full Sail Labs facility. Due to the complexity of these projects, epic builds are discussion points in the Summer Camps, rather than building projects.

At the end of the Summer Camp or School Year Lab, students showcase their creations for friends and family to see. It’s amazing to see what these Kids can create and how they improve their creations from day one at Full Sail Labs.

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