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Our mission at Full Sail Labs is to provide an innovative and engaging educational experience that transforms learning into creative expression. And, just like our parent institution, Full Sail University, we do this through immersive teaching methods and hands-on learning. Our unique approach combines storytelling, technology, art, and 21st century skills into a real-world, project-based education.


Full Sail Labs’ core values are centered around: 

  • Creativity - Igniting the imaginations of our learners and empowering them to bring their ideas to life.

  • Exploration - Tapping into the curious minds of our learners and support them on their quest to find answers. 

  • Collaboration - Celebrating friendship among our learners and encouraging teamwork from the beginning. 

  • Fun - Creating a lively experience for our learners to show them that hard work can be rewarding. 


Our unique educational approach centers around unlocking creativity, providing access to technology, encouraging personalized learning, making relevant connections to curriculum, and industry, and developing meaningful character traits along the way.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Specialized maps are sent to families the week prior to each camp start. These maps will provide specific directions to your child’s camp location on campus.

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